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13 Fork spring. 3 Support washer. 14 Spring preload ring. 4 Fork seal. 15 spring preload ring. 5 Retaining clip. 16 Right yoke. 6 Dust seal. 17 Set screw. 7 Spring clip. 18 Left yoke. 8 bushing. 19 Cartridge. 9 Inner fork tube. 20 Cartridge guide. 10 Top cap. 21 Damping rod. 11 Preload spacer. 22 Compression valve. 4
2 Apr 2012
Bleeding the closed cartridge. 106. On pressure with nitrogen. 110. Assembling the inner-tube / outer-tube. 112. -. Explanation of the spring preload. 122. Assembling the cartridge in the front fork leg. 123. Filling oil in the front fork leg. 127. Position of the compression and rebound adjustment. 129. Mounting the front fork in
26 Mar 2015 WP Kit Bleeding Video: I recruited some assistance tonight from @RC268 to help me with the bleeding process on the Spring IFP Kit. The cartridge required a good deal of time to bleed enough oil out of the chamber so that we could get the IFP close enough to the cartridge to install itit required some
CAUTION;. Incorrect disassembly and assembly of the fork or the incorrect use of aftermarket parts can cause malfunctions or serious risk to the safety of persons and property. Therefore, before performing any maintenance, be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully as described in this manual.
12 Jul 2017 Wp suspension 4860 mxma fork manuals. wp 4860 mxma pa open cartridge repair manual pdf. WP FORK 4860 MXMA CLOSED CARTRIDGE REPAIR MANUAL 0. Brakes and Braking Systems; e) Suspension and Steering.
21 Jul 2015 Of great interest to motocross racers worldwide is the prototype WP air shock that has been tested in competition by Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen and Andrew Short. WP head WP finds that women have better manual dexterity. The second turret assembles the cartridge with the spring and cap installed.
FE models 2013-2014. Article number: Strength: Fits: WP 43,2-485-3,8N. 3,8 N/mm. KTM. WP 43,2-485-4,0N. 4,0 N/mm. - SX/F from 125cc >2008. WP 43,2-485-4.2N. 4,2 N/mm. HUSABERG. WP 43,2-485-4,4N. 4,4 N/mm. - all WP closed cartridge fork. WP 43,2-485-4,6N. 4,6 N/mm. 2007-2012. WP 43,2-485-4,8N. 4,8 N/mm.
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