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valid version of the Installation Guideline can be downloaded from the Internet at In the event of disagreement between those responsible for the . System components and accessories. Kalzip flashing sheet with large sheet upstand. 67. Cable clip. 68. Seam clip stainless steel. 68. Seam clip aluminium.
standing seams above right: Kalzip SolarClad elevated from roof. Planning guidance. • The Kalzip AluPlusSolar roof integrated photovoltaic system is also suitable for new Kalzip roofs. • Recommended roof pitch min. 5 % (3°). • Specification (electricity and attachment) in accordance with Kalzip SolarSystems installation
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13 Dec 2011
These instructions, recommendations and requirements are based on experience gathered by the manufacturer together with the practical experience of installation contractors. Note: All dimensions are in inches unless otherwise stated. The system. 2.1 Introducing Kalzip. Kalzip is an aluminum standing seam system
5.2.3 Kalzip supplied in straight form, curved to radius during installation (naturally curved). 26. 5.3 Tapered shapes. 27 6.17 Installation instructions for long profiled sheets. 46. 7. Kalzip dimensioning tables PVL-68. PVL-136. PVL-144. Surface required per kWP (installation parallel to standing seams) [m2]. > 19.
installation guidance. • regular surveillance of production. • formal three-yearly review. KEY FACTORS ASSESSED. Structural performance — when installed and used in accordance with this Certificate, the standing seam profiled sheets will have sufficient strength and stiffness to resist the wind and imposed loads likely to
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